Need a copy of the Simmons Mfg catalog?

For your convenience we have provided a copy of the Simmons Mfg catalog in PDF format, as well as 2024 List Prices for our complete product line (available in both Excel and PDF) and individual specs and flow charts that could be useful. Simply click on the icons below to download the files onto your computer.

Please note the YouTube videos below with simple-to-follow instructions on how to repair a leaky hydrant, replace plungers and other small parts, and the fine art of removing the hydrant head without unscrewing the entire hydrant from the water line.

View the PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Download Acrobat Reader)


Specs & Dimensions

Valve Dimensions Hydrant Lengths
Hydrant Flow Rates

Hydrant Videos

Leaking Around the Packing Nut Youtube Video
O-Rings Replacement Youtube Video
Repair Kit and Plunger Replacement Youtube Video