Heavy Duty PVC Check Valves and Foot Valves

PVC Check valveHeavy Duty PVC Check Valves and Foot Valves
Certified Lead Free*

• HD PVC Body
• 304 SS Spring, Washer, & Screw
• Female Threads

All check valves furnished with NBR rubber seal, stainless steel spring, stainless steel washer, and stainless steel screw.


Part No. Size Description List Price
CVPVC075 3/4″ Check Valve
CVPVC100 1″ Check Valve
CVPVC125 1-1/4 Check Valve
CVPVC150 1-1/2″ Check Valve
CVPVC200 2″ Check Valve
FVPVC075 3/4″ Foot Valve
FVPVC100 1″ Foot Valve
FVPVC125 1-1/4 Foot Valve
FVPVC150 1-1/2″ Foot Valve
FVPVC200 2″ Foot Valve